Why List with D’Lux?

Why List with D’Lux?

Because We are your best Commodity!

Primary Benefit:

Disposition: Hassle Free!

You will have time to continue with your business, while getting a report on the process of your real estate disposition and schedule for closing.

Acquisition: Worry Free!

We will provide you with the property you are looking for, at the location that best suits you  and we will negotiate it at the price you like to afford.

Leasing: Stress Free!

We have our D’Lux Property Management working for you 24/7.

We will negotiate the lease terms and conditions for you, it´s extension(s) and termination; whether it implies a relocation or helping in a purchase. You will only be happy you hired us.


What Our Clients Says

by Anonymous on Blank Business Name

"I found Jacqueline through a Real Estate website as a listing agent of a condo at Quayside. She is one hard working lady and her professionalism is not something one takes for granted: from the punctual and easy communication at all times to her knowledge of the market in general, the area, the building and the apartments.She went beyond the 'call of duty' by showing me off-the-market apartments in order to help my understanding of current pricing and the pros and cons of practically every unit in the complex.
Something else: she treats you as her most important client...whether you're shopping in the 200 or the 2 million dolar range.
I did not purchase that unit but I will purchase (hopefully a few) with Jacqueline!"

Sofia S

by Anonymous on Blank Business Name

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jacqueline for the last 4 years. I can only comment positively about my experience as Jacqueline has always demonstrated professionalism,efficiency and passion for her job.
Jacqueline has helped me and my clients on both residential and business negotiations, always protecting my interests and those of my clients.
I would not hesitate to recommend Jacqueline to others.”

Antonio Naddeo

by Anonymous on Blank Business Name

“This letter is to recommend the services of Jacqueline Danzer. I have been working with her for the last 6 years.We have had a wonderful, honest relationship. I came upon her by accident when looking to rent and apartment in Miami Beach. She found just the right place and location. I feel that she really knows her market. After renting one apartment twice I put her on a mission to find another building. She knew exactly what I wanted. When I walked in I said how do I sign a lease for next year.Our relationship has been wonderful from the beginning and hopefully for years to come. I would definitely recommend her.”

Jacki Paster

by Anonymous on Blank Business Name

“Ms. Danzer, helped us identify several residential income producing properties to invest on. We purchased one 6 units building with her help. She did a very thorough job. Is very responsive and clearly understands what we look for. Looking forward to do more businesstogether”


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