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Residential Real Estate

You have a lot of choices when choosing a real estate professional. Noteworthy News sat down with D’Lux Real Estate Services Broker and owner, Jacqueline Danzer, to get the scoop on their services.

NN: What kind of residential real estate do you do? condos? or houses?

Jacqueline Danzer, Broker/Owner,
D’Lux Real Estate Services, LLC

JD: My Firm does all what involves residential real estate, meaning four units or less, vacant land zoned for four units or less, or agricultural up to 10 acres.
So while we can get a listing for a condo, we also get listings to sell residential properties in bulk.
This in turn has a hint of commercial real estate due to the financial analysis when calculating the CAP rate, as well as negotiating the contract to purchase in a global contract price.
After this we break it down by folio number narrowing down by the condition of the SFH, duplex, triplex or fourplex involved in the transaction its physical condition, occupancy, condition of the title.

NN: That sound complicated.

JD: Not at all, it is fascinating!

NN: So, but D’Lux dedicates to residential real estate?

JD: Yes, I have the Residential real estate department, my agents prefer to work in residential and I personally work the purchase and sale of  income-producing properties and land for development.


D'Lux Real Estate Services

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