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Q&A: Part 2

Q&A: Part 2


We continue our discussion with Jacqueline Danzer, Broker and Owner of D’Lux Real Estate Services about the services they provide.

Jacqueline Danzer, Broker/Owner of D’Lux Real Estate Services

NN: Jacqueline, does D’Lux do Property Management?

J: No, we concentrate in Purchase and Sale, Lease, and Joint Ventures, therefore we represent Sellers, Landlords, Buyers and Tenants.

NN: What kind of tenants do you handle?

J: Mostly are industrial, seeking flex-space or warehouses, as well as retail and office space.

NN: Is this kind of tenant your majority of business?

J: No, we really do more Land for development and multi families.

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D'Lux Real Estate Services

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