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Q&A: Land for Development

Q&A: Land for Development


We conclude our interview series with D’Lux Real Estate Services, talking with Jacqueline Danzer about the basis of all real estate: Land.

NN: Jacqueline, We were talking about how do you find the Land for Development and I couldn’t resist extending my curiosity with the realtor’s commission. Now I have a better idea: Tell me about your passion with Land.

JD: Land is where all starts, underneath and above the land follows. All together is real estate.

Example of some current and past D’Lux Land for Sale or Development projects. Contact us for details on these opportunities.

NN: Is there market for land buyers?

JD: Sure! Developers are busy; there is still tons of demand we have to supply.

NN: But isn’t Miami market over-saturated with condos?

JD: I do not limit my services to Miami, but the condo-saturation is for high-end real estate. I have developers that work affordable housing, senior housing, student housing and health care. We are constantly in need of develop for these parts of the society.

NN: I see, where else do you find land?

JD: All state of Florida. Again it depends if an university is having shortage of housing to accommodate their students; or if a hospital needs a site for out-of-state outpatient hospitality service or for treatments. Another example: if there is land in a Class-B neighborhood and a business that is expanding their industry, their employees will also need housing nearby. The growing need for more assistance-living facilities for substance abuse has also become an immediate need within urban areas. There are so many reasons why land continues to have value and its multiple uses to satisfy needs for residential, industrial and commercial services.

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