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Land, the underestimated task

The very first step to start your Shipping Container Housing Project is to find the correct land suitable for the project you are looking forward to develop. D’Lux Real Estate Services specializes in that specific area of real estate, being our services your first asset to your investment.

To accomplish this task the most important step is our initial interview, understanding your objectives and the overall investment criteria that will lead us to design a plan to set your goals and avoid planning fallacy.

We do the territorial search of available properties, if none found we tackle the off-market properties (our specialty). Once the land has been identified we will analyze the current zoning and land use, its future land use (in case we need to request a variance), and study with you all “pros & cons” to start the land purchase negotiation process.

Offer, the heart of the process

The offer will be tailored to your needs and wants. No all offering is equal to another, it requires skills to communicate a proposal according to various elements that play game in the business world, our goal is to find out if it is the land — and the best option — to achieve your goal.

We might perform due diligence even before sending our intention to purchase. D’Lux will guide you all the way to the inspection period either prior executing a contract (PSA) or during the agreed due diligence period.

When purchasing land we first figure out if it is a suitable risk for the project depending on your goal set: Single family home, income producing property; commercial such as retail, mixed-use, flex-space; industrial, warehousing, storage; garden style apartment building (you can pile up 8 containers if land supports the structures); multifamily development; office, etc.

Zoning, the most important commission

Importantly, Land Zoning: Find out if the city or county where we are buying allows the site-built for shipping container housing under their planned-use ordinance. We encourage our clients to hire a land surveyor who will reproduce the Survey that will give us enough data to understand the best use of the parcel for the project. Then we will see if we need to negotiate with the seller to cooperate in getting the zoning variance to host the shipping containers. Or the buyer takes risks to do the variance themselves after closing. A land zoning change may take extra work and expertise, we will advise you accordingly based on an initial survey that we will ask you to invest on.

Closing: The beginning of the investment!

During our due diligence period, we have had interviews with architects, engineers and other important professionals to set the viability of the project and start the development process soon after closing. When the land is purchased, the fun starts, obtaining the permits for the project, the construction of the foundation and assemblage of the container on it, you will be amaze on the reduction of cost and expenses including the insurance.

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